8 Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023-2024

8 Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023-2024

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The List of Scholarships in France 2023-2024: The French Scholarship Admissions Open.

Jobs and Grants have compiled 8 Lists of French Universities scholarships you can apply for free by taking advantage of their fully-funded Scholarships in France for the class of 2023-2024. Internationally recognized academic subjects and degree levels are available under French scholarships for admissions.

What Scholarships in France Covers

The French Scholarships are offered by French Universities (French Universities Scholarships), and by French Government (Government of France Scholarships).

Both of these types of French scholarships are mostly fully funded; which cover half to full tuition fees of students, their health insurance sponsorship, residence facility with utilities paid, monthly paid stipend money, and facilitation for experiments, literature, and material.

If it has always been your dream or you have once felt like to study in France, now it is quite easy for you to study there for free with some available scholarships in France for international students we will be discussing here.

However, some of these scholarships are provided by the French government while others are provided by French universities themselves or private organizations.

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Fully-funded Scholarships in France for 2023-2024 List

1. Excellence Major Scholarship

The Excellence-Major scholarship scheme makes it possible to support approximately 800 foreign students for five years of study. High school graduates are selected every year based on criteria of excellence and receive a grant funded by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the AEFE.

The scholarship is Co-financed by the Agency for French Education Abroad and Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the scholarship are provided for foreign baccalaureate holders at the network of French Lycées. It allows these international students to pursue their higher studies in France.

Through the French scholarship, students are supported financially for five years of studies in France. Also, they obtain the status of scholarship holders of the French Government which helps in visa and residence card processing and makes the obtaining of university accommodation easier. If you want to know more about the program and its criteria, you can go to AEFE’s website.

2. Science Po Emily Boutmy Scholarship in France

This particular scholarship was created by Sciences Po, the scholarship program is meant for students from outside the European Union. Students at bachelor’s and master’s levels of studies are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is granted to students whose profile matches the admissions priorities and who meet the requirements of individual courses.

Under this French scholarship program, scholarship holders get a fixed amount of tuition grants every year. Only first-time applicants who do not file taxes within the European Union are eligible to apply but if you have applied before but your application was reject, don’t bother reapplying against because they will not accept it. Also, this scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships. So, if you are interested to know more about this scholarship in France, go to the website of Sciences Po.

3. Université Grenoble Alpes Master’s Scholarship

The Université Grenoble Alpes is a public research university in Grenoble, France. Founded in 1339, it is the third largest university in France with about 60,000 students and over 3,000 researchers.

However, this university provides master’s scholarship under the Excellence Initiative (IDEX). The scholarship are provided to foreign students for the master’s program. The scholarship are provided for one academic year so applicants can apply for scholarship for the first year or second year of a master’s program. The selection of applicants is done considering their academic record and material situation. So, if you are interested in applying for these scholarships in France, go to the website of Université Grenoble Alpes.

4. HEC Paris Scholarships

Students admitted to HEC Paris MBA can apply for scholarship. The scholarships are either merit-based or criteria-based. All the scholarships are highly competitive and depending on the scholarship the students apply for, they may be required to undergo an interview and provide an essay. The decision for granting the scholarship is made independently of the applicant’s financial situation. The scholarships are worth up to 50% of the tuition fees of the HEC Paris MBA program.

5. Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

These scholarships are offered in order to allow international students to pursue their master’s degrees from the university. The scholarships are designed to make it easier for highly qualified scholarships to get admission to the university. They are based on academic achievements and are awarded to students taking admission to specific institutes within the university.

This French scholarship are provided for 1-2 years and in order to the scholarship in the second year, students have to complete a certain number of credits. A specific amount and travel expenses are provided to scholarship holders under the program.

6. IESEG’s International Scholarship Program

IESEG School of Management is a business school in France, students are provided with merit-based scholarship. This merit-based scholarship are meant for international students and provide a tuition waiver of 10% to 50%.

Therefore, all students who apply for the graduate programs at this business school are automatically considered for the scholarship but this will be based on their academic performance, relevant working experience, GMAT, and English Proficiency. There are many other options for funding studies at this business school. If you would like to know more about all the scholarship and funding options available to international students of the school.

7. INSEAD MBA Scholarship

The MBA Experience is a three-part video series that explores the INSEAD MBA programme from the perspective of our students.

In order to attract the best students to join the school regardless of financial background, INSEAD provides scholarships. It has doubled scholarship funds over the last three years and is now providing higher

grants to bright students who want to pursue their MBA from INSEAD. There are more than 90 scholarships available at the school.

Although these are need-based, non-need-based, or spot scholarships but if you want to obtain these scholarships in France, you can view all the scholarships and get their details on the INSEAD MBA school’s website.

8. Université Côte d’Azur Scholarship

The “Digital Systems for Humans” Graduate School at this university provides scholarship under its “Mobility Allocation for Students” scheme. The scholarship are meant to support students of one of the school’s master’s level programs. There are many master’s programs that are eligible for the scholarship scheme.

Only international students who have completed earlier studies in their home countries and hold excellent academic records are eligible to apply. Students must also express interest in studying for a Ph.D. Degree after their master’s. A certain scholarship amount is granted per semester to the scholarship holders.


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