How to Apply for Business Loans with a low fixed APR and longer payback periods of up to 24-36 months.

How to Apply for Business Loans With a Low fixed APR

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How to Apply for Business Loans with a low fixed APR and longer payback periods of up to 24-36 months.

We will be discussing on how you can apply for Business loans that will give you a low fixed APR and longer payback periods of up to 24-36 months.

What is a Business loan? Business Loans are the type of loan you get to kick start a new business or to boast an already established business which you will pay back in a stipulated time.

Business Loans are ideal for renovations, a down payment for opening a new location and buying inventory. While business lines of credit give you an ongoing pool of money to dip into, a business loan presents you with a one-time lump sum. You will owe interest on the total amount from a business loan, while you only pay interest on the money you use with a business line of credit.

Advantages of Business Loans

You receive 100% of a fixed amount immediately and you control it 100%
You have fixed payments with lower APR over a longer duration

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1. What is your business type?

  1. sole proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  4. C Corporation
  5. S Corporation.

2. Required information needed for the application of the business loan:

  • Your Business Name *
  • Your Annual Revenue? *
  • The length of time in business *
  • And how much money you need for your business?

3. Minimal eligibility requirements for financial solutions

  •  Your Recent Business Bank Statements
  • You must have been in Business for at least 6 months
  • Make an average monthly revenue of at least $12,500


***If you won’t be able to provide more than 3 months of business bank statements then your loan application won’t go through***

***Also, be aware that businesses in which the business owner uses personal bank statements for their company won’t be processed too***

where to to get the Loan for your Business?

Meet Platform Funding

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The company has provided $5,000- $3 Million in working capital advances to businesses in industries such as construction, retail, transportation, healthcare, food service, and wholesale distribution.

How to Apply for Meet Platform Funding Loan

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